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Misericordia University All Souls

Please remember in prayer...

November is traditionally the time of the year in the Church's calendar for remembering those who have passed away. During November, the Sisters of Mercy and the Misericordia University community will pray for those we love and to whom we owe so much -- the deceased of our families and friends, our benefactors, and alumni of the University.

We invite you, as a member of the University Community, to remember your family, friends, and loved ones with us and to have their names included in prayer. You may send the names of those to be remembered, and we will include them in our Masses throughout November.

Your annual offering to the Misericordia Fund helps students serve locally and globally; including community outreach and service trip opportunities. 

This tradition symbolizes our almost 100-year mission of service and provides meaning for students from diverse backgrounds and all levels of faith, enhancing their spiritual growth and development as servant-leaders.


For more information on service activities, please contact (570) 674-6764.

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