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Do you know someone who has what it takes to serve on the

Misericordia University Alumni Association

Board of Directors?

We’re looking for alumni with a strong commitment to Misericordia University to help lead our Alumni Association.

Alumni Board membership means involvement in all aspects of alumni activities, both on- and off-campus. Board members are expected to attend meetings (3 per year), expected to support Board sponsored events, such as Alumni Weekend, Homecoming, regional gatherings and college fairs.

They also play a vital role in the support of regional alumni programs through their involvement in our special event planning, admission, career services, and fundraising programs.

Alumni Board membership means commitmentto Misericordia University. The Board acts as a voice that represents the entire Alumni Association within the Misericordia University community. Made up of approximately 20-30 members, and led by elected officers, the Board meets three times a year: during Alumni Weekend, during Homecoming Weekend, and in mid-February. Committee meetings may occur at other times throughout the year. Committee work is key to a board member’s commitment, and the various committees closely parallel alumni activities both on- and off-campus. For example, members are asked to serve on at least one of the following committees: Alumni Services; Awards/Nominating; Development; or Sports. A board member’s term of office is three years. Nominations can be submitted year-round, and will be considered for board vacancies beginning each fall by the nominating committee. The actual vote to fill board vacancies will occur during the February meeting.

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All nominations must be submitted by December 30 for approval at the February/March meeting.

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