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We will try to be responsive to deadlines. However, we typically work with multiple clients at any given point in time and we also have our own responsibilities as students, teachers, and researchers. As a consequence, projects may enter a queue that will delay completion. Therefore, we strongly encourage all clients to contact us well in advance of any hard deadlines that they may have.​​​
As part of ongoing training of our students and all of our statistical collaborators, we may request at the beginning of our meeting that we be allowed to film your consulting session. The video camera is mounted in the room, and would not require any disruption of the session; the video would be used in coaching sessions, and may also be used for other educational purposes. You have the right to say "no" to this request, and, if you do so, your wishes will be honored. Saying "no" to this request would not impact our relationship with you as a client. If you will attend this meeting with another party, we respectfully request that you advise the individual of the possibility of videotaping. All parties must agree in order for filming to take place. By checking the box below, you are indicating you have been advised of this policy.​​​

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