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Misericordia Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry strives to engage students in teaching and research activities from the moment they arrive on campus. Recent graduates have gone on to graduate programs in chemistry and the biomedical sciences, teaching positions, professional school, and a range of industrial positions.

We take pride in our small classes and strong faculty-student interaction in the classroom and the lab.

Dr. Anna Fedor


Why Misericordia Chemistry/Biochemistry?

  • Small introductory classes: 24–30 students; upper-level classes: 6–12 students
  • Independent research 
  • Hands-on experience with laboratory instrumentation
  • Collegiality among students, faculty and staff
  • Academic and career advising from faculty with experience in chemistry and biochemistry
  • A supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth and independence
  • Professional development built into the curriculum

Small Class Sizes

Hands-On Experience & Professional Development

Student Opportunities

Chemistry student looking into microscope


Student Research

Students majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry participate in research projects with one-on-one mentoring from faculty members in the department. Students learn to work independently using a wide variety of techniques and instrumentation, present their work at local, regional, and national conferences, and they even publish scientific papers in chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical education journals.

In addition to carrying out research during the school year, students can complete an internship outside of the university to earn their research credits.

Dead Alchemist Society


Dead Alchemist Society

Our student chemistry club, the Dead Alchemist Society, involves the local community in fun and education science activities. At the annual fall event, Boom in the Night, students put on a lively science show complete with “puking pumpkins,” electric pickles, and other spooky science. 

Students also lead several safe and fun hands-on demonstrations for children. The club has recently added an Earth Day event in the spring to highlight environmental chemistry and the chemistry of everyday life.

Meet Kyle, Chemistry major and student athlete

Hear why Kyle chose MU!

Student Testimonials

Community Realized

Ricky Averil

Ricky Averil

The chemistry program at Misericordia has a great family atmosphere. The faculty truly care about the success of all of their students and they all go the extra mile to ensure every student has a great educational experience here at Misericordia.

Shelby Burke

Shelby Burke

Working in a research group prepared me for the national conference I attended and made talking to colleagues in my field easier.

Catherine Falzone

Catherine Falzone

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program allowed me to conduct research and expanded my ability to think abstractly and critically. This research was accepted to present at the American Society for Cell Biology 2018 Meeting in San Diego, California.

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Meet a Student

Abrielle Garber
Abrielle Garber

"During my time at MU, I have been involved in many experiences that have set me apart in my endeavors and supported my goal of becoming an optometrist. With the help of my professors, I participated in research that I presented at the ACS National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana."

- Abrielle Garber
Senior, Biochemistry major
Student Athlete: Cheerleading
Secretary of Chemistry club

Kyra Grzymski
Kyra Grzymski

"Not only do I think this undergraduate research experience will help me get accepted to law school but will make me a better lawyer once I am in the field."

- Kyra Grzymski
Junior, Biochemistry major
Vice President of the Chemistry club

Lenny Watson
Leonard Watson

"I have experienced the personal attention and support that I believe are staples of the Chemistry major. We are all a family; and this leads to success."

- Leonard Watson
Senior, Chemistry major
Student Athlete: Football
Treasurer of the Chemistry club

Gina Baiamonte
Gina Baiamonte '16

"Everyone in the chemistry and biochemistry department at Misericordia University truly wants you to succeed. The professors get to know you and your future goals. They make sure that they provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve that goal. From my very first semester at MU, I knew that if I ever had questions or needed advice I could go to my advisor or one of my professors and they would help. Their continuous support throughout my undergraduate education helped to turn my dream of getting into medical school a reality!

The small class sizes of Misericordia’s Chemistry/Biochemistry program not only allowed me to form a bond with each professor, but also created a learning environment that fostered open discussion, team work, and one-on-one instruction. I believe that this learning experience is what paved the way for my success in my preclinical years of medical school."

Megan Toda
Megan Toda '15

“The chemistry department faculty are just wonderful! They provided me and my fellow chemistry majors with all the tools we needed to succeed both in scientific careers and in our lives. The faculty not only knew our names, but they knew our stories. Misericordia is more than a university, it’s a family.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics from Misericordia; but perhaps even more importantly, Misericordia changed my life. I received more than a B.S., I grew leaps and bounds in confidence, poise, and self-assurance.

I am now pursuing a PhD in chemistry and I owe my success in graduate school to the strong foundation of education and scholarship that was built during my time in the chemistry department at Misericordia.”

Jeremy Osko
Jeremy Osko '15

"One of the most influential aspects from Misericordia University that aided in my graduate school applications was the opportunity MU provided to be highly involved, both on a personal and professional level.

Misericordia’s biochemistry program allowed me to gain first hand experience conducting research, writing grants, presenting posters/professional talks and attending conferences such as the American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting. Conducting research and presenting your data is crucial to any graduate program.

The faculty-student environment provided by Misericordia University was very friendly, collaborative, and insightful. There was never a moment I felt my classmates or professors were unapproachable, making my learning experience more welcoming."

Charles Saladino


For more information about the Chemistry/Biochemistry program, contact Charles Saladino, Ph.D., Chairperson of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department & Chemistry Professor at 570-674-8017 or email at


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