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Student Learning Outcomes

The following are program goals for the Clinical Laboratory Science major:

  1. To provide a quality education in the biological sciences
  2. To stimulate a student’s innate curiosity for lifelong learning
  3. To develop an understanding of the scientific process and its application
  4. To provide the tools and promote knowledge for future opportunities and endeavors, and to develop involved members of the community

The Clinical Laboratory Science major program goals are realized in the following student learning outcomes:

Outcome Group 1:

  1. Be able to identify and explain fundamental biological concepts and principles on the molecular, cellular, organismal and population levels
  2. Describe the unifying concepts underlying the diversity of life

Outcome Group 2:

  1. Apply knowledge of biological concepts to formulate questions and hypotheses for research
  2. Demonstrate ability to find, read, understand, and critically evaluate scientific papers

Outcome Group 3:

  1. Use the scientific method to develop hypotheses, design and execute experiments
  2. Collect and analyze data
  3. Communicate findings both orally and in written forms
  4. Develop experimental skills and techniques used in laboratory and field research

Outcome Group 4:

  1. Recognize their (the students’) ability to make positive contributions to the general and/or scientific communities
  2. Promote awareness of job and/or graduate opportunities
  3. Promote awareness of internship and summer research opportunities during their tenure at Misericordia University
  4. Evaluate and understand human impact on the environment