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Parking for Commencement

North Gate Parking Lot

Congratulations to the Class of 2022! On May 14th, we will honor our graduates during an on-campus ceremony. Here are some very important instructions for parking on campus on Commencement day.

Traffic may enter through the historic entrance Arch from Lake Street or the North Gate entrance.

If entering through the arch, continue straight towards Mercy Hall, then turn left where Campus Safety officers will direct vehicle traffic to park either in the Mercy Hall lot or the North Lot.

If entering through the North Gate, Campus Safety officers will direct vehicle traffic to park either in the North Lot or the Mercy Hall lot.

A limited number of handicapped and special guest parking spaces will be reserved near the Anderson Center. Campus Safety officers will direct cars with the appropriate placards and license plates to the handicapped spaces. Guests needing to utilize handicapped or special parking areas are advised to enter through the North Gate entrance and inform a Campus Safety officer and they will be directed to the appropriate area.

As a courtesy, please designate a meeting place with your family after the conclusion of the ceremony somewhere away from the main doors of the Anderson Center. This will alleviate congestion on pedestrian and automotive roadways. Then, celebrate by taking a few photos and enjoy the next part of your special day. The Campus Safety Department would like to thank you for your cooperation. Congratulations!