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Do Have specific questions about Surveillance Testing?

Visit this link to view a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the testing process

Do you have specific questions regarding our response to the pandemic? 

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our community regarding COVID-19 and how we are managing the situation on campus.  Please consult the other areas of this web page for content specific to you and your interactions with MU as a student, employee, or parent.


Learn more about contact tracing and how we are keeping our community safe.

Scott Woolnough, Alternative Learning Program Coordinator, interviews Jill Dillon, Contact Tracer, on 10/16/20 to discuss the process of contact tracing at Misericordia University.

Matt Hinton, Assistant Director of the Student Success Center & Academic Student Support Services, interviews Kathleen "Kit" Foley, Vice President of Student Life, and Paul Nardone, Member of the Cougar Care Team on 10/20/20. The discussion explores how we are keeping our community safe.