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COVID-19 surveillance testing program at Misericordia University

Updated 1/22/21

Misericordia University Surveillance Testing

Misericordia University has taken a lead role in helping battle the coronavirus pandemic in the area through the establishment of COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Laboratory on campus. Surveillance testing at universities is strongly encouraged by state and national health officials as it allows health professionals to conduct randomized testing for students, staff and faculty, with the goal of maintaining a safe campus environment in which to work and learn.

Each week, a random sample of 20 percent of the MU on-campus community will be notified via an email that they have been selected for a test in the coming week. Please see our frequently asked questions below to learn more about the surveillance testing process and obtain answers to our most commonly asked questions.  For other specific questions about surviellance testing, please contact cougarcaretesting@misericordia.edu.

Visit our FAQs page for frequently asked questions regarding our response to the pandemic. Visit Misericordia's COVID-19 Protocols & Updates page to view additional media coverage on the Surveillance Testing Laboratory on campus. 

FAQs - Surveillance Testing - Dallas, PA Campus