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Student Learning Outcomes

Students enrolled in the Certificate program as Expected to achieve the first three learning outcomes and the Bachelor of Science degree students are expected to achieve all five outcomes.


  1. To prepare competent entry-level sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains for the Abdominal Sonography-Extended and Obstetrics and Gynecology concentrations.

Cognitive domain

The student will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of anatomical structures and sonographic appearances.
  2. Differentiate normal from abnormal sonographic findings through knowledge of physiology and pathophysiology.
  3. Apply clinical history to sonographic examination and findings.
  4. Demonstrate application of ultrasound physics and instrumentation to optimize sonographic images.
  5. Utilize research to enhance learning.


Psychomotor domain

The student will:

  1. Possess the technical skills to produce accurate sonographic images.
  2. Evaluate images for quality.
  3. Synthesize sonographic findings and tailor examination to provide all necessary information to interpreting physician.
  4. Develop competency to independently perform sonographic examinations in the Abdominal Sonography – Extended and Obstetrics and Gynecology concentrations.


Affective Domain

The student will:

  1. Communicate in a holistic manner to provide patient comfort and respect for cultural differences.
  2. Demonstrate ability to work independently as well as a team member.
  3. Demonstrate professional behavior to all through integrity, ethical decision making, and communication.
  4. Demonstrate written and oral communication to educate self and others.


  1. Apply knowledge and skills to succeed on national credential examinations.

The Student will:

  1. Score a 74% or higher on the program’s mock registry examinations.
  2. Succeed the first time in the three ARDMS certification examinations or ARRT Sonography examination.


  1. Participate in activities to prepare for lifelong learning.

The Student will:

  1. Complete and earn five continuing medical education credits.
  2. Volunteer for a University or community event.


  1. Understand global trends and issues in healthcare that may have impact on sonography practices.

The Student will:

  1. Demonstrate ability to locate and synthesize research to stay abreast of current trends in healthcare sonography education and practices.
  2. Compare and contrast domestic and international education and practices.


  1. Appreciate similarities and differences of individuals, professions, and cultures through a liberal arts curriculum.

The Student will:

  1. Discover the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare professions.
  2. Demonstrate respect for differences.
  3. Attend or participate in activities relating to the humanities, arts, science, and technology.