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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies curriculum develops students who can apply multiple perspectives in the sciences and humanities in order to analyze and respond to environmental situations in ways that promote the health and flourishing of the living world. The B.A. in Environmental Studies offers students a thorough integration of humanistic inquiry with environmental science, promoting a deeper understanding of the environment, which is one of the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy.

Check out the information we shared with our students before advising week!

Fall 2021 Student Information Session Presentation
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Program Highlights



Diverse Career Opportunities



Different Track

The environment is a critical concern of the Sisters of Mercy, and as climate change threatens to render large areas of the planet uninhabitable, environmental issues are among the most important for humanity generally.

B.A. in Environmental Studies Tracks

  • Standard Track
    • Also available as
      • Pre-Law
      • Pre-DPT
  • Environmental Science Track

An Environmental Studies Minor is also available

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental science
  • Environmental law
  • Environmental policy, planning, and management
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Middle and secondary education

There are currently more than 370,000 Environmental Studies majors in the work force, making an average salary of $68,265*


Misericordia student fieldwork in nature

Environmental Studies Newsletter

Misericordia University’s Environmental Studies program highlights both a humanistic and scientific approach to solving the major environmental issues we are currently dealing with, including climate change, pollution, and resulting social injustices. You can get a sneak peek of some of the ways in which our program is shining a light on these topics by checking out our latest newsletter! 

Click on the link below to download the latest issue.

FEB. 2022 Newsletter 

Below are the archived issues of the newsletter:

DEC. 2021 Newsletter

NOV. 2021 Newsletter

Oct. 2021 Newsletter

Dr. Brian Carso teaching


Major courses are team-taught by professors from across the College of Arts and Sciences.

Biology lab


A new four-course interdisciplinary Environmental Studies course sequence forms the backbone of the major. These courses are:

  • ENV 100: Environment and Society
  • ENV 200: Issues in Sustainability
  • ENV 300: Environmental Research Design
  • ENV 400: Senior Capstone.

ENV 410, an independent research option is also included. Additionally, the curriculum includes a series of new upper-level Environmental Studies electives.


With eight free electives, the B.A. in Environmental Studies makes it easy to combine with other majors and/or minors.

It is also transfer-friendly!


Student will have opportunities to gain hands-on experience through the fieldwork requirement. Using Misericordia's regional partners such as the Eastern Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) and local farms, students will benefit from a true community learning experience.


The Environmental Studies program contains an independent research component that is essential for adapting and augmenting the classroom learning and for informing the capstone.


Get to Know Dr. Auker

Our Environmental Studies curriculum has been made possible in part by a Humanities Connections Planning Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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