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Student Learning Outcomes

PLO 1) Develop students’ comprehension of the philosophical and ethical dimensions of environmentalism, and of the various meanings of the idea of nature.

SLO1.1) Students will formulate multiple theories of the meaning of nature.

SLO1.2) Students will communicate philosophical and ethical theories underlying environmentalism.


PLO 2) Cultivate an understanding of the natural environment that is shaped by evolutionary history, human history and pre-history, and the history of environmental advocacy.

SLO2.1) Students will evaluate a variety of historical perspectives on the environment.


PLO 3) Develop the mathematical, scientific, geographical, and socio-economic literacy necessary to analyze an environmental situation.

SLO 3.1) Students will demonstrate proficiency in statistics.

SLO 3.2) Students will demonstrate the scientific knowledge necessary to understand environmental issues.

SLO 3.3) Students will demonstrate the socio-economic literacy necessary to understand environmental issues.


PLO 4) Allow students to construct and apply a framework to analyze environmental challenges from a multi- and inter-disciplinary perspective.

SLO 4.1) Students will apply knowledge in humanistic and scientific disciplines in order to analyze environmental problems.

SLO 4.2) Students will construct and apply a multi- and interdisciplinary framework to an environmental challenge.