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Before you Borrow: Choosing to borrow a Federal or Private Loan is a decision to consider seriously before entering into a loan agreement. Loans can be a wonderful way to make attending college possible but many students enter into loan agreements without fully understanding the consequences of their decisions. Loans must be repaid when you're no longer enrolled in school. Loans, unlike grants and scholarships, are borrowed money that eventually must be repaid, with interest. 

Students and borrowers are strongly advised to borrow through the Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan program first. If additional loan funds are still needed, we recommend the Federal Direct PLUS (for the parents of dependent students) and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS (for graduate students). We advise families to exhaust all federal loan options before using private education loans.

If you have exhausted other financing options such as the Federal Direct Student Loan and the Direct PLUS Loan, then you might want to consider an alternative form of lending which is outlined below.

Loans and Financing Options