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Government, Law, and National Security

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The Government, Law and National Security program (GLNS) awards a Bachelor of Arts Degree and provides students with an integrated knowledge of political science, legal studies, and public administration to prepare them to enter government service and the private sector performing public administration and policy jobs related to security, the law, and public policy. Courses examine and evaluate the means to address threats to security, engage the policy making process, provide efficient administration of public resources, and render a legal system that upholds public safety and sound public administration. Courses equip graduates with a solid academic foundation for entry-level career employment in broad areas of criminal justice, homeland and national security, government service, the law and legal services, campaigns and elections, non-profit administration and management, and political affairs in the private sector. In addition, the GLNS program will prepare students for graduate study in law, government, non-profit administration and public policy, political science, and national security studies. The GLNS program offers internships, career planning exercises, and study away options, all of which introduce students to specific careers and key government officials, security experts, and law enforcement officers.

Internship Opportunities

Career Preparation

Small Class Sizes

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What Makes Us Different?

GLNS offers course and extra-curricular activities that combine the traditions of liberal arts and vocational training.

We will hone the research and writing skills of students as we explore career paths in classes, internships, and on-campus symposiums.
Our program integrates learning through partners with non-profits, government agencies, political campaigns and other community actors. 

Gabrielle Giello

The GLNS program is designed to expose students to complex issues and complicated problems, and to educate them in the critical thinking skills that will enable them to effectively analyze a problem and then develop and implement a solution. The curriculum assures that every student in the program considers ethical issues related to law, government, and national security, and makes reasoned judgments about them; that they think independently and analyze information critically, with a view toward problem solving; that they understand and respect cultural differences and have a firm grasp of global perspectives; and that they communicate and interact with others effectively.

The program integrates a balance of liberal arts and professional studies courses intended to produce forward-looking thinkers who can turn their thoughts to actions, leading to productive careers and continued personal and professional growth, rooted in the values of mercy, service, justice and hospitality.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Are you a veteran or a dependent of a veteran? If so, you might be interested in MU's Yellow Ribbon Program. Click the icon below for more information.

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Career Preparation

GLNS Internships

The Government, Law and National Security degree prepares students for careers in:

  • Federal/State/Local Government
  • Law and Legal services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security
  • National Security
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Consulting/Contracting
  • Foster Care/Health Care/Education
  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Political Campaigns and Offices
  • Students have gone onto pursue Graduate Degrees in: Law and Political Science

In addition, the GLNS program will prepare students for graduate study in law, government administration, business, and national security studies.


Alumni Podcast - Christelle Patrice '13

Check out this Alumni Podcast with 2013 GLNS alumna, Christelle Patrice, and learn about her job as a Forensic Interviewer with the Luzerne County Child Advocacy Center. You will also hear about her time as an Americor volunteer in California and her commitment to service that was fostered by Misericordia.


Explore Your Future

Community Realized

Alexandra Zielinski

Alexandra Zielinski

The GLNS program at Misericordia offers many unique and diverse course options, which has allowed me to explore my different career interests in this field.

Michael Podskoch

Michael Podskoch

The GLNS program has been very helpful in my path to becoming a lawyer. My internship at the Luzerne County Courthouse also helped guide my decision to pursue a career in law.

Ann Kaufman

Ann Kaufman

I credit much of my success to my time at Misericordia University. The Government, Law, and National Security program has top-notch faculty who supported my interests and challenged me. I am reminded daily of the positive impact Misericordia has had on my career.

Meet a Student

Gardyney Deshommes
Gardyney Deshommes

"The Government, Law, and National Security program at Misericordia University has not only equipped me with the necessary skills and experiences to thrive in different spaces but helped shape my thoughts in the areas of national security, global policy and the complexities of the American legal system. GLNS helped foster in me the desire to become well-versed in a multitude of different arenas such as community engagement, service and professional development. It connected me to my true self, as it awakened my intellectual curiosity and my passion to serve. The faculty and staff at Misericordia University have welcomed me with open arms and continue to help me cultivate my identity into one of confidence, compassion, and intelligence."

Gardyney Deshommes
Senior Government, Law and National Security Student
GLNS Club President
Admissions Ambassador
PHREE Peer Educator

John Eisenhauer
John Eisenhauer

"I strongly recommend the Government, Law, and National Security program at Misericordia University. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in GLNS has provided me with the opportunity to define my professional interests and develop a dynamic skill set from which I frequently drew upon as a Peace Corps Volunteer. As a GLNS student, I was surrounded by excellent faculty and staff who provided a broad support system while offering one-on-one help and career planning assistance."

Hunter Glidewell
Hunter Glidewell

"The Government, Law and National Security program has provided me with countless opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. My professors have been incredibly supportive and the program has provided me with the skills necessary to excel in my field after graduation. I have had the opportunity to complete multiple research projects on the topics of my choice and have been able to flourish outside of the classroom as an active member of the Government, Law and National Security Club. My time at Misericordia has truly helped me find my passion."

Tavion Rogers
Tavion Rogers

"The GLNS program has done an amazing job at not only preparing me for a variety of career paths, but also exposing me to a faculty with a genuine concern for each of their students.

The feeling of inclusion adds a special value that cannot be found on many other campuses. Whether it be for a topic in class or advice for a profession, the GLNS staff has gone above and beyond in ensuring that I and the rest of my classmates are in the best possible position to succeed.

My experience in this program has greatly enhanced my ability as a scholar, a thinker, and most importantly as a person."

Chris Stevens


Christopher Stevens, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Director, Government Law, and National Security Program
Phone: 570-674-1446