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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop knowledge of politics and political science
    1. Explain significant economic, legal, and political systems and their constituent parts in the United States, foreign countries, or at the international level.
    2. Explain significant economic, legal, and political issues and policies in the United States, foreign countries, or international relations.
    3. Define important theories and concepts of the subfields of political science (American, International Relations, Public Administration, and Public Law)
  2. Evaluate and employ concepts, theories, and legal perspectives
    1. Apply concepts, theories, and legal perspectives to field-relevant case studies and support the application with appropriate evidence.
    2. Evaluate the merits of multiple policies, theories, concepts, or legal perspectives within a
      subfield of political science.
  3. Develop and employ research skills
    1. Explain the process, methods, research design, data analysis, and ethical issues in political science research
    2. Analyze qualitative or quantitative data in a field of political science.
    3. Formulate an original research question in light of political science or legal scholarship,
      develop theoretically generated hypotheses, and design a research paper that addresses
      the question.
    4. Communicate original research findings orally and/or in writing.
  4. Develop communication (written and oral) and vocational skills
    1. Develop well structured, well sourced, convincing and coherent arguments
    2. Identify political science-related career, graduate school, and law school opportunities and assess pathways to job placement or admission to graduate or law school.
    3. Prepare and revise necessary career documents and interview skills for jobs related to political science.