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Educators seeking to maintain an active public school certification status and meet the requirements of Act 48 of 1999 will find that Misericordia University’s Professional Development Program provides challenging, rigorous courses offered in a flexible format.

Misericordia University’s Teacher Education Department/Graduate Education Programs include a professional development opportunity for the educator interested in professional growth and Act 48 credits. A student enrolled in these courses will receive three (3) graduate credits (not transferable toward a master’s degree) and Act 48 credits. All courses are taught by well-qualified instructors who have expertise and experience in the areas they teach.

ARCH Professional Development

  • Customized to meet the needs of regional educators
  • Relevant and flexible PD offerings
  • Taught by experienced education professionals from local districts
  • Affordable - $290 per credit
  • Flexible formats - online, hybrid, F2F
  • 2 sessions per semester
  • Structured, guided model with definitive start and end dates
  • Tuition Deferment Plan - pay for a course within 30 days of completion
ARCH Programs for Adult Learners


ARCH professional development courses are non-matriculated graduate credits. Students earn 3 credits, equivalent to 90 continuing education hours.

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PD On-Demand

  • All courses are fully online and on-demand!
  • Open enrollment - register anytime
  • Affordable - $215 a credit
  • Finish in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Self-paced
  • Relevant, current topics in education
  • Wide variety of 2- and 3-credit course options
  • ACT 48 eligible
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On-Demand professional development courses are transcripted as non-matriculated graduate Misericordia University credits.

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Official transcripts can be requested after the first of the month following course completion. Click here to learn about requesting a transcript. 

*Please Note: Clinical Associate Benefits cannot be used for PD On-Demand courses


Karen Cefalo

For questions about any of Misericordia University’s Professional Development courses, please contact Karen Cefalo, Assistant Director of Admissions, at kcefalo@misericordia.edu or (570) 674-8094.