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ARCH Professional Development
Fall 2021 Schedule

ARCH Programs for Adult Learners

Misericordia University’s Teacher Education Department/Graduate Education Programs include a professional development opportunity for the educator interested in professional growth and Act 48 credits. A student enrolled in these courses will receive three (3) graduate credits (not transferable toward a master’s degree) and Act 48 credits. All courses are taught by well-qualified instructors who have expertise and experience in the areas they teach.

Tuition: $290 per credit, $870 per course

Dates: Dates as indicated

Times: Variable; as depicted after each individual course offering.
Courses are offered fully online or in a blended (hybrid) format.

Registration: To register, please contact Karen Cefalo at 570-674-8094 or email: kcefalo@misericordia.edu.

25% off for Spring 2022 part-time students

“For Spring 2022 only, all qualifying teachers who register for a Professional Development class or classes for the first time will receive a  25% discount on tuition. This discount applies to all PD classes taken during the Spring semester only. “


Fall 2021 Schedule

Graduate Education Professional Development Center


To register, please contact 570-674-8094; or email kcefalo@misericordia.edu.