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The Misericordia University College of Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Medical Specialization as one option for students who intend to seek entry into graduate programs in the health professions. In particular, this degree should prepare students for entry into many Physician Assistant programs, including the Misericordia University Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies graduate program. Upon completion of this degree, graduates will be adequately prepared to achieve their maximum potential as able, caring, compassionate, and competent pre-professionals.

Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Medical Science Specialization students will be educated in a manner such that honesty, sound communication skills, self-discipline, resourcefulness, and sound judgment will become part of how they approach professional situations. Graduates possessing this degree will be well positioned for success in employment as well as in health-related graduate education. In the framework of self-directed learning, students may design Misericordia’s Health Science-Medical Science degree as preparation for the completion of graduate education in a variety of healthcare professions: medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, optometry, physical therapy, etc.

Students completing a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a Medical Science Specialization will also be prepared to be a valued member of science-based teams where graduate education may not be required: laboratory and research settings, as well as in many emerging professional health care opportunities.

At Misericordia, students may complete a defined course of study in preparation for a career in: Physician Assistant Practice; Physical Therapy; Optometry

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