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Health Science: Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation

This program is no longer accepting applications for enrollment for the Fall 2023 semester and later terms

The Patient Navigation program is designed to prepare individuals to become patient navigators/patient advocates/community health assistants/community health workers/personal care coordinators (these are a few of the terms that healthcare institutions use to refer to patient navigators).

Professionals in the emerging field of patient advocacy, health education, wellness and community health collaborate with patients and clinicians to improve health outcomes. They steer patients successfully through the complex health care system and any subsequent treatment plans, while also possessing the skills necessary to safely and effectively follow patients across the care continuum.

Hybrid Format

Growing Field

Hands-On Experience

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Key Benefits and Highlights

  • Hybrid format for Majors - The Patient Navigation courses will be offered online to serve students as early as freshman year. The remainder of the coursework will be offered at Misericordia University in a variety of formats including online, traditional, and/or hybrid.
  • Features a fieldwork experience in which students observe, interact with patients and other health care professionals, participate in the effective progression of patients throughout the care process, and learn about effective patient-practitioner communications
  • Strong and growing market demand
    • Currently a 50% increase between 2016-2024 in the need for patient navigators in health care systems, insurance companies and physician offices.
    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) considers the field of patient navigation a “bright outlook’’ occupation because “it is projected to have a large number of job openings and is a new and emerging occupation,’’ according to the Occupational Information Network
    • In Pennsylvania, the state Department of Labor & Industry predicts an average of more than 1,300 job openings annually in patient navigation and related fields, according to Hanover Research.

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Community Realized

Amanda Rando '18

Amanda Rando '18

After taking the first course, I had a better understanding of what a patient navigator does and how we can really help people in the community. Many of my courses throughout the program have helped prepare me for my current job as a Community Health Assistant (Patient Navigator).

Kelsey Petroski '18

Kelsey Petroski '18

The Patient Navigation program at Misericordia has given me the opportunity to interact with patients in a variety of settings. I feel that I make a real impact on the participants.

George Godlewski


If you have any questions or concerns about MU's Patient Navigation program, please contact Dr. George Godlewski, Health Sciences Program Chair, at