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History students on project

History majors at Misericordia University gain excellent training in the liberal arts, and have several professional specializations available to them.
Majors are trained to evaluate evidence and communicate persuasively, both verbally and through effective writing. Our courses are intellectually stimulating, and can include experiential learning experiences or professional opportunities.

Faculty in the History & Government Department have recently had their work featured on The Academic Minute

The Academic Minute Misericordia University Week Podcasts


Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875-1974

Find out more about how cultural diplomacy helped China get on track to become a major world player again. Dr. Yanqui Zheng, professor of history and government, delivered a 2 1/2 minute podcast entitled "Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875-1974" on The Academic Minute, looking into the history of two distinctive Chinese pedagogies.

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The Secret History of Race and Comics

What do superheroes show us about ourselves? 

This is the question that Dr. Patrick Hamilton, professor and chair of English, explored during his 2 1/2 minute podcast on The Academic Minute. The podcast, "The Secret History of Race and Comics," draws upon the book he and Dr. Allan Austin of MU's History & Government department co-wrote.

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The Academic Minute features researchers from colleges and universities around the world, keeping listeners abreast of what's new and exciting in the academy and of all the ways academic research contributes to solving the world's toughest problems and to serving the public good.

Dream Big, Act Local

Hear from History alumni within this 3-part video series entitled "Q&A with B&A"

In the History program, we understand the importance of training students to become better global citizens. Our courses are designed to give students a deeper understanding of the past and contemporary society by examining the workings of government, the implications of public and foreign policy decisions, and how each of these have influenced social, cultural, and political experiences of individuals. Our faculty come highly-trained from some of the top research universities in the country, and we take an active role in mentoring undergraduates and encourage them to become leaders in their communities. Students in our programs graduate having honed their critical research and writing skills, and are well-prepared to pursue careers in museums, government agencies, the legal profession, non-profit administration and management, journalism, libraries, education, and a host of other professional paths.

Abundance of Career Opportunities

Minor Options

Dr. Jennifer Black


4+1 History BA/MBA

4+1 History BA/MBA

Why wait to begin the MBA program when you can get started as an undergraduate student?

Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, Management, or Sport Management

Find out more by emailing Karen Cefalo at 

The 4+1 History BA and MBA program offers students interested in history and business a useful foundation for a variety of professional paths. The program introduces students to the study of history and the practice of business, providing an interdisciplinary basis for successful citizenship and entrepreneurship over a five-year course of study. 

Student Testimonial

Antonio Whyte

The 4+1 program is a great opportunity to challenge yourself during the end of your undergraduate journey and get a third of your MBA completed at rates that save you money. 

Career Preparation

History trip


Valuable Professional Skills

We offer a wide range of professional opportunities designed to give Misericordia graduates an edge as they enter the job market. These include:

  • Faculty-directed research
  • Internships
  • Study-abroad programs
  • Summer research fellowships
  • Semester-Away at American University (Washington, DC)
  • Networking opportunities with regional and local institutions, through volunteer and service-learning programs

Our majors have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in law, history, political science, library science, and medicine; they have become teachers and museum educators; they have risen to leadership positions in their local communities and governments; they have embarked on careers in business; and they have worked for government agencies in Washington, DC.

History Students and Dr. Black Project


Careers in History

Students who study History at Misericordia may enter a wide range of careers, including:

  • Business and non-profit sector jobs, especially through our History for Business, Public History, and 4+1 MBA / MS-OM programs
  • Librarianships at research, public, and governmental libraries
  • Law School and Medical School
  • Teachers and Professors at schools, colleges, and universities
  • Local government
  • Historical preservation firms
  • Corporate archives and record keeping
  • Editors and publishing
  • Grant-writing for non-profit organizations
  • Professional writers and journalists
  • Museum work, including exhibition preparation and curation, education, development, and public outreach

Explore Your Future

It Starts At The Arch

Briana Scorey '19

Briana Scorey '19

I have developed incredible relationships with professors who care about me and support me as both a student and a person. As an officer of the History Club and member of the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society [History's honor society], I am able to pursue my love of history outside the classroom and build a repertoire of experience that will help me in graduate school.

Amber Kelley '18

Amber Kelley '18

Throughout my four years at Misericordia University, I met incredible professors in the History department who wanted to see me succeed and achieve my career goals. With their encouragement, I have pursued many opportunities that have given me the experience needed to achieve my goal.

Cassandra Lockhart

Cassandra Lockhart

It was Misericordia’s wonderful history faculty and captivating history classes that showed me that my true path in life is history.  Switching my degree to history my Sophomore year of college was the best decision of my life.

Testimonial Slideshow

Meet our Students

Allison McElheran
Allison McElheran

The Misericordia History Department has allowed me to become more confident as a future educator. I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of history through many classes including Nazi Germany and a class on the Explorers. I have been supported by all of the history faculty at Misericordia to pursue a future career as a high school history teacher. The flexibility of the history curriculum has allowed me to pursue two minors in political science and religion which will benefit me after my graduation at Misericordia in my future endeavors. 

Allison McElheran
History Secondary Education Student 

Sarah Sporko
Sarah Sporko

Throughout my journey at Misericordia University, I have developed wonderful relationships with those in the History and Government Department, both faculty and students, who have done so much to support me during my journey here. Between my studies as a dual History and GLNS major, and extracurricular activities as former Vice-President of the History Club and former GLNS Club President, and current Phi Alpha Theta member, I have been able to pursue activities outside the classroom that help me to gain an insight into the world around me and how my talents may help it. I am not sure where and who I would be today if I did not choose Misericordia University.

Sarah Sporko '20
B.A. History/GLNS

Photo taken during an internship in Spring of 2020 at the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, DC.
Sarah graduated in May, 2020 and now has a full-time job as the Education Coordinator for Eckley Miner's Village, near Hazleton, PA. 

Thomas Zenobio
Thomas Zenobio

As a History major, I have enjoyed the opportunities to drill down on a specific time period in history, for example, The Civil War. This seminar has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of that significant event and gain a broader understanding of our country's development. The History professors are very educated and make the content very interesting. They are always available after class to further discuss the information presented.

T.J. Zenobio
History Major

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