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Mid-Career Salary
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Careers for History Majors

Career Fields of History Majors

Students who study History at Misericordia may enter a wide range of careers, including:

  • Business and non-profit sector jobs
  • Librarianships at research, public, and governmental libraries
  • Law School and Medical School
  • Teachers and Professors at schools, colleges, and universities
  • Local government
  • Historical preservation firms
  • Corporate archives and record keeping
  • Editors and publishing
  • Grant-writing for non-profit organizations
  • Professional writers and journalists
  • Museum work, including exhibition preparation, education, development, and public outreach


Employers desire the skills cultivated by a History Degree

An AAC&U survey (2018) indicated that the skills ranked the highest by employers in the US included oral communication, critical thinking, teamwork skills, an appreciation for diversity, ethical judgement, written communication, and problem solving.

Consumers Expect Businesses to Make Positive Social Impact

One of the most important skills wielded by humanities majors in the recent political and social climate has been an ability to understand and empathize with diverse perspectives. As American society continues to evolve, the importance of understanding and addressing diverse political, ethnic, economic, and cultural perspectives will only grow.  Such an understanding allows business leaders to better speak to diverse workforces, it helps community leaders promote consensus and understanding among publics torn apart by economic and political differences, and it will help corporations navigate the challenges wrought by political upheavals and public protests from both the right and the left.



“It’s easier to hire people who can write—and teach them how to read financial statements—rather than hire accountants in hopes of teaching them to be strong writers.”

~Liz Kirschner, former Head of Talent Acquisition of Morningstar, Inc.

“Just think about the world today—about globalization, about the need to understand different cultures and perspectives, the ability to be intellectually curious… What we really need today are people who have broad perspectives… A liberal arts education is critical in providing people with broad perspectives and helping them to ultimately become effective leaders.”

~Kenneth I. Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express


History Majors Get Jobs

State of the Humanities Workforce 2018


  • Median Wages History Majors

    A recent study by the American Community Survey (2018) demonstrated that history majors experienced lower unemployment than their peers in business, the physical sciences, and even computer science.

  • Mid-career median salaries for individuals with a history BA outpace other majors

  • Nearly 60% of humanities majors get jobs in management 

  • Many of the world’s top CEOs got a degree in the humanities




Demand for humanities majors has increased over the past two decades, and economists predict an increase in demand for critical thinking skills over the next 10 years

Demand for Humanities Knowledge Graph


History trip


Valuable Professional Skills

We offer a wide range of professional opportunities designed to give Misericordia graduates an edge as they enter the job market. These include:

  • Faculty-directed research
  • Internships
  • Study-abroad programs
  • Summer research fellowships
  • Semester-Away at American University (Washington, DC)
  • Networking opportunities with regional and local institutions, through volunteer and service-learning programs

Our majors have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in law, history, political science, library science, and medicine; they have become teachers and museum educators; they have risen to leadership positions in their local communities and governments; they have embarked on careers in business; and they have worked for government agencies in Washington, DC.

Majors in History are designed to prepare students for professional work, by:

  • Helping the student connect to his/her local community and region
  • Promoting awareness of national and global politics
  • Encouraging civic participation at the local, regional, and national levels
  • Teaching students to think critically
  • Cultivating the student's analytical skills
  • Teaching and emphasizing strong writing skills
History Students and Dr. Black Project

MU History alumni have obtained employment in the following fields:

Careers in History