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Major fields: 20th c. US History, Immigration, Popular Culture

Classes taught: Post-1945 United States History, Film and History, Race and Graphic Narrative in United States History, Seminar on History (Twentieth-Century United States Historiography), Research Seminar, National Security, Immigration and American Ethnic History, Modern United States History through Popular Culture, United States History survey

Major fields: 19th c. US History, Visual Culture, Capitalism

Classes taught: US History I & II, American Visual Culture, University Writing Seminar, History of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era, US Women's History, Intro to Public History, Public History Practicum, Witchcraft in the Early Modern World, American Capitalism & the Global Economy, Turning Points in American History

Major fields: 18th-19th c. US History, Legal History

Classes taught: The American Founding, 1607-1789; The Civil War Era; The American West; The Explorers; American Constitutional Law; Constitutional Encounters; Introduction to the American Legal System; The Trial in American Life; Spies, Traitors, & Saboteurs; Turning Points in American History.

Major fields: Modern Britain, History of Medicine

Classes taught: Western Civilization I and II, History of Early-Modern England, History of Modern Britain, History of Modern Latin America, History of Nazi Germany, Cultural Geography

Major fields: Modern France, Popular Culture

Classes taught: History of Western Civilization I and II, Modern French History, Contemporary French Culture (interdisciplinary), Modern European Cultural Movements, History Seminar (Modern European Intellectual History), Film and History, Research Seminar, Soviet History, Atomic Age America

Major fields: Modern China, Intercultural Relations, Food History

Classes taught: University Writing Seminar, Introduction to World History; Seminars in Modern East Asia, and U.S.-China relations from Opium to Trump.