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Major fields: 20th c. US History, Immigration, Popular Culture

Classes taught: Post-1945 United States History, Film and History, Race and Graphic Narrative in United States History, Seminar on History (Twentieth-Century United States Historiography), Research Seminar, National Security, Immigration and American Ethnic History, Modern United States History through Popular Culture, United States History survey

Major fields: 19th c. US History, Visual Culture, Capitalism

Classes taught: US History I & II, American Visual Culture, University Writing Seminar, History of the Gilded Age & Progressive Era, US Women's History, Intro to Public History, Public History Practicum, Witchcraft in the Early Modern World, American Capitalism & the Global Economy, Turning Points in American History

Major fields: 18th-19th c. US History, Legal History

Classes taught: The American Founding, 1607-1789; The Civil War Era; The American West; The Explorers; American Constitutional Law; Constitutional Encounters; Introduction to the American Legal System; The Trial in American Life; Spies, Traitors, & Saboteurs; Turning Points in American History.

Major fields: Modern Britain, History of Medicine

Classes taught: Western Civilization I and II, History of Early-Modern England, History of Modern Britain, History of Modern Latin America, History of Nazi Germany, Cultural Geography

Major fields: Modern France, Popular Culture

Classes taught: History of Western Civilization I and II, Modern French History, Contemporary French Culture (interdisciplinary), Modern European Cultural Movements, History Seminar (Modern European Intellectual History), Film and History, Research Seminar, Soviet History, Atomic Age America