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Amy Lahart

Amy Lahart, 
Vice President for Mission Integration and Student Life

Phone: (570) 674-6320

Student Life at Misericordia is rooted in the core values of Mercy, Service, Justice, and Hospitality. We are a community where all are welcome. As a student, you will have the opportunity to get involved in a myriad of activities that will stretch you, challenge your thinking, and expand your horizons. I encourage you to participate in a club or organization, get involved in service, attend a cultural event or lecture, or participate in leadership development.

College is your time to think about your future and the difference you hope to make in the world you live in. Partaking in co-curricular experiences will help you develop skills you will use every day in your professional life and it is an opportunity to broaden your social network. Take the step to get involved and your life will be richer because of it.

- Amy Lahart, Vice President of Mission Integration and Student Life

Misericordia University's Student Life Division educates students by fostering personalized relationships modeling the Mercy Charisms and creating innovative opportunities to inspire personal and professional growth.

Student Life will cultivate a transformative student experience by:

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Banks Student Life Center, Room 103