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Callie Rimpfel
Dean of Students

Phone: (570) 674-8318


Callie Rimpfel, Dean of Students, works closely with Amy Lahart, Vice President for Mission Integration and Student Life, and the Assistant Dean of Students to manage and carry out the mission and values of the Division of Student Life. Dean Rimpfel provides oversight for and assists the following departments with programming, health and safety concerns and co-curricular learning opportunities for students:

Dean Rimpfel is an advocate for students. She assists parents and families in supporting their students through various issues which may impact their success. She connects students and their families to various on and off campus resources to promote well-being and academic progress and success. Dean Rimpfel challenges and supports students to live the charisms of mercy, service, justice and hospitality both individually and collectively as a Misericordia University community. Finally, as the University's Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Dean Rimpfel is a resource person for students who report behaviors prohibited by the University's Sexual Harassment & Sexual Misconduct Policy or who are involved in investigations related to this Policy.

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