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At Misericordia University, students have the opportunity to enjoy various benefits when it comes to both off-campus and on-campus dining. The university strives to provide students with convenient and cost-effective options that cater to their diverse needs.

Misericordia University partners with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts to students. Presenting their student ID allows students to enjoy savings at participating establishments. The university's website provides a dedicated page with comprehensive information about the businesses and discounts available. This resource makes it easy for students to locate and utilize these benefits.

To provide convenient dining options, Misericordia University offers access to Grubhub, a popular food delivery platform. Through the Grubhub app, students can order food from on-campus dining venues and have it delivered to them. This service enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing students to enjoy their favorite meals without leaving campus.

Additionally, Misericordia University introduces Archie Bucks, a campus currency for purchasing food and beverages on campus. Students can load funds onto their student ID card and use Archie Bucks for cashless transactions, eliminating the need for cash. This system provides convenience and efficiency, simplifying the process of enjoying meals on campus.