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Service Learning @ MU

“As a result of my experience at Ruth's Place, I continue to volunteer and make new friends, learn more, and change the lives of not only the women who live at the shelter but also the people I take with me to volunteer. Service learning provided me with a way to understand the concepts sociology provided me. I strongly believe that being enrolled into a class with service learning as part of the curriculum is the best way to learn."

Nicole O’Connor, Nursing Student

What is Service Learning? 

Service-learning is a structured learning experience that provides students with the opportunity to meet academic objectives through provision of community service. Students work with community partners to develop and implement projects to meet the needs of the organization, develop their own skills and learning, and reflect on the value of the experience from a community and interpersonal perspective.

Service Learning at Misericordia

  • An academic curriculum with a focus on meeting community needs.
  • Philosophy that service enhances learning and learning enhances service.
  • Faculty and student development of Misericordia's charisms –mercy, service, justice, and hospitality in the classroom and out in the community.
  • Student development of interpersonal and professional skills in a service setting.
  • Incorporation of virtuous values including group work, social responsibility, and civic responsibility.

Misericordia University has been committed to giving back to our local friends and neighbors since its inception in 1924. Strongly connected to our four charisms of Mercy, Service, Justice and Hospitality, service-learning is a catalyst that fosters lifelong civic engagement and development of ethical values, with the hoped for outcome of building stronger communities. Service learning provides real value to the community while simultaneously providing a vehicle for our students to develop their academic knowledge, 21st century skills, and a broader sense of social responsibility and community awareness.

Through strong community partnerships, dedicated staff and faculty, and the hard work and enthusiasm of our students, Misericordia service learning has made a lasting impact on our local community and beyond.