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Social Justice Advocacy


The Misericordia Community is encouraged to participate in our Social justice programs and be good advocates on behalf of those who are poor or marginalized in society. We follow the examples of Catholic Social teaching as our guide and model.

The Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy guide our action and advocacy work. Issues such as immigration, racism, non-violence, care for the earth,and care for women and children.

We have worked with immigrants, refugees, homeless people. We advocate for legislation that ensures and respects the dignity of all people. Based on Catholic Social teaching our approach to social justice welcomes all people and strives to make sure everyone has a voice.

Five Charisms of Srs of Mercy


Become educated on important social issues and advocate with the Sisters of Mercy

Social Justice awareness programs: students do awareness tables on social justice issues to raise awareness on campus or put lawn signs on campus to raise awareness about various issues.

Social Justice speakers and simulations:
Several times a year we may host a simulation on immigration, refugees and climate change. We also host various speakers on topics of social justice.