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CAPS Practicum / Internship Training Opportunities

The CAPS Center offers a variety of practicum and internship training opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Utilizing a developmental perspective, expectations and responsibilities will be based on the trainee's current level of education and will increase throughout the semester, commensurate with experience gained while at the CAPS Center. Trainees will gain an appreciation for the promotion of college student mental health as they actively engage in the activities of a counseling center.

A link to apply for a practicum/internship training position (undergraduate-level as well as graduate-level) is included at the bottom of this page.  Questions can be directed to (

Undergraduate-level Training

NOTE: undergraduate practicum students will not provide any direct counseling services to students, will not have access to any confidential information (clinical records or reports), and will not do client scheduling.

An undergraduate-level training experience is intended to provide exposure to the operations of a clinical setting and to provide experience with completing administrative tasks and developing outreach programming and materials. Undergraduate students from Misericordia University's Psychology Department are eligible to complete a practicum training experience at the CAPS Center.

Fall semester application deadline: August 14th.

Spring semester application deadline: January 7th.

Undergraduate-level training activities may include:

  • Outreach poster or flyer design
  • Website content development
  • Support outreach programming
  • Receive individual supervision
  • Attend administrative staff meetings


Graduate-level Training

Graduate students enrolled in a mental health training program may be eligible to complete a practicum or internship experience at the CAPS Center. Graduate trainees will provide services under the direct clinical supervision of full-time licensed staff members.

Graduate-level training activities may include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Assessment
  • Crisis intervention
  • Outreach programming
  • Receive individual supervision
  • Clinical case conference meetings
  • Attend administrative staff meetings


Practicum / Internship Trainee Application