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Workshops and Group Counseling

This video was developed at Wright State University and is used here with their permission.

Introduction to Group Therapy

Workshops or group counseling sessions from the CAPS Center provide opportunities for students with common concerns to meet in a safe and confidential setting and explore current issues that are affecting them. Members can anticipate learning new information and skills to improve their interpersonal, emotional, or psychological well-being, while receiving support, encouragement, and guidance from other members.

Workshops and groups are open to all students… regardless of whether you’ve ever attended other services at the CAPS Center before.

Workshops and Groups Offered

The CAPS Center offers a variety of workshops and groups, many of which are at the request of students.

Upcoming drop-in (no appointment necessary) workshops and groups are advertised on this website under Upcoming CAPS Events.

Here are some examples of workshops and groups that have been previously offered:

  • Hey, Can We Talk? (a communication and conflict resolution skills workshop)
  • The Influence of Social Media
  • Are you Mindful of Mindfulness
  • Breaking the Mental Health Stigma
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Text Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Stretch Yourself (held in Anderson, combining coping skills and tips for stress management with movement and stretching)
  • True Colors (a process group for LGBTQ+ students)
  • Post-Concussion Group (a process group for athletes recovering from post-concussion syndrome)
  • Bounce Back (a drop-in workshop series presenting skills to maximize student resilience)


We take requests!  Please contact us ( or 570-674-6408) to request a workshop or group and we'll do our best to accommodate your interests!