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The Misericordia University Post Office is located in the Banks Student Center. The on-campus post office/mail room serves the students, faculty and staff of the university, and is also open to the public.

Incoming student mail & packages are received and processed through the Misericordia Post Office.  Deliveries are made daily by the USPS, UPS and Fed Ex. 

Resident students are assigned a mailbox when they enter the University. They will keep the same mailbox until they are no longer residents.  Mailbox assignments, and keys or combinations, are given to the students at Freshman Orientation in August.

All incoming mail and packages should be addressed using the following format:
Student Name
301 Lake Street Box #
Dallas, PA 18612

Students are notified by email when a package has arrived and is ready for pick up.  Packages can be picked up from the Post Office during window hours.  If a student is unable to come to the post office during those times, due to work or school schedule, they can contact the post office to make other arrangements.

Outgoing Mail
The MU Post Office also handles outgoing mail and packages. Students can send book rentals (Amazon, Chegg, etc) back through the Post Office, as long as they have the appropriate shipping paperwork.  The USPS, UPS and Fed Ex pick up daily.  

Stamp Sales
Individual and books of stamps are available for sale at the window.  Forever stamps are $0.60 each and books of 20 stamps are $12.00.

The MU Post Office does not accept cards for payment, but does accept cash and checks.

Window Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Saturday-Sunday: closed
(Note: The Post Office is closed when the University is closed for holidays and snow days.)


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