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ROTC and Veteran Services

Veteran Jessica Pugliese

Misericordia remains committed to recognizing the importance of a quality education while upholding strong values and honor within the community. Those values make Misericordia the perfect place to attain one's educational goals. With this mission in mind, Misericordia welcomes the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country in the U.S. Armed Forces, including spouses and dependents.

Air Force ROTC Opportunities

You can be a Misericordia University student and also expand your career opportunities and financial aid support by joining the Air Force ROTC (AFROTC).

ROTC classes meet only one day per week

Open to both Undergraduate & Graduate degrees

AFROTC provides a variety of scholarships and awards

The Air Force ROTC is a spring board to many well-paying positions as an officer in the United State Air Force, Space Force, and later during your post-military career.

The Detachment 752 of AFROTC is a combined effort with students from multiple universities and colleges in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The main offices of AFROTC in our area are located at nearby Wilkes University. So this allows you, as the student, to choose to study here at Misericordia University with all of our university’s benefits, while still linking with the leadership development, fitness, and academic engagement that the AFROTC can provide.

ROTC classes meet just one day per week in addition to your regular classes. You can join as a first-year student or even as late as your junior year. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate degrees. You don’t need to apply formally or interview. You can check with the admissions office or your academic advisor to see how AFROTC can fit into your schedule and academic path, then simply sign up with the detachment to join when accepted to Misericordia or as a current student.

In addition to the mentoring you will get from Misericordia faculty, the trained Air Force faculty will also be your mentors and guides for future career paths and open the door to unique experiences and leadership development through the Air Force.

There are a variety of options available to students, with varying obligations, outcomes, and opportunities. AFROTC provides a variety of scholarships and awards to support your education. You can wait until your junior year to decide if you want to continue on the path towards becoming an Air Force officer.

If you successfully complete the AFROTC program, you will have a guaranteed, full-time professional career serving in a leadership role (not entry level) as an Air Force Officer post-graduation in a field based on your education and experience.

Find out about the application process

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Share your information with Misericordia University’s Admissions Office and note your interest in Air Force ROTC.

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For information directly from Detachment 752

Click Here for information from Detachment 752

Misericordia University is proud to support veterans returning to college using their Yellow Ribbon or GI Bill benefits. Traditional age students can also benefit from enrolling in the Air Force or Army ROTC programs and be a part of our supportive campus environment while preparing for a rewarding military career.

Dan Myers, Ph.D.
President, Misericordia University

Veteran Services

Veteran Services at Misericordia University provides a communication channel between veterans/service members, spouses, dependents and the University. Its purpose is to inform and guide students through their Misericordia experience while insuring that the appropriate support services are available such as:

Yellow Ribbon Program

Yellow Ribbon

More information is available on the Yellow Ribbon Program at Misericordia.

Learn More about the Yellow Ribbon Program


Jim Roberts
Temporary Student Veteran Liaison, Chief of Staff

Deborah Cragle 
VA Certifying Official, Counselor for part time students

Thank You for your Service.

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