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The Student Success Center oversees the Peer Advocates Program. Peer Advocates engage and develop relationships with Misericordia University’s student body; advocating for our students’ mental health needs, well-being, sense of connection, and positive experience with our university community. Peer Advocates focus on the integration of first-year students into the college community during the fall semester and, throughout the entire academic year, foster educational awareness among all peers on issues relevant to them as college students and as people who live in a larger society.

Some of the Peer Advocate activities throughout the year:

  1. FYE
    • Peer Advocates co-facilitate FYE courses to support first-year students through their transition to college through partnerships with the Student Success Center.
  2. Community Building Events
    • Members will engage students through various activities, such as those held in residence halls and attending campus events, through coordination with FYE.
  3. Wish Upon A Star
    • This event provides Christmas gifts to children in need in our community, through coordination with Mercy Services.
  4. Transfer Orientation
    • Members assist with orientation events for transfer students in August and January

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