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What does the Mathematics Program at Misericordia University offer you?

Foundational Mathematics

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The mathematics major begins with a foundational sequence of fundamental mathematics courses intended to provide the student with the background to pursue a career as an engineer, actuary, scientist, educator, or data analyst just to name a few.  This sequence includes:

  • A three-semester sequence in Calculus
  • A course in Linear Algebra
  • A course in Differential Equations
  • A course in Probability and Statistics
  • A course in Set Theory and Logic - introducing the students to higher level mathematical thought processes

Additionally, each student must take an advanced course in Abstract Algebra and an advanced course in Real Analysis, to provide some depth of mathematical topics.


In addition to the foundational sequence, the program offers students the flexibility to take courses depending on their mathematical and career interests:

Alumni Success Stories

Alumni Success Stories

Andrew Casanova
Andrew Casanova '14

Misericordia was the place where I made some of my biggest mistakes, but also some of my fondest memories. My favorite memories come from the teachers, staff and friends I made while I was there. I created the best memories from when I was a Resident Assistant, Campus Tour Guide, Orientation leader and Campus Ministry leader. Those leadership roles allowed me to immerse myself in the Misericordia culture.

Misericordia taught me to challenge myself even with all my doubts and worries telling me I was not good enough. The support I had from across campus gave me the confidence to know my worth and to strive for excellence no matter how hard things got. 

As a Data Scientist, I have had wonderful opportunities working for the government on projects using Big Data, developing applications for the Navy, and more recently, an opportunity to work for the Intelligence Community.

Tara Koskulitz
Tara Koskulitz '18

I will be starting a doctorate program in mathematics at Binghamton University this fall, and I attribute a significant portion of my preparedness to my hard-working, caring professors at Misericordia University.

Lindsay Kane
Lindsay Kane '20

I would not be where I am today without Misericordia and our wonderful Math Department.  Our professors gave me the confidence I needed as an incoming freshman that has strengthened my performance in the classroom and overall experience.

Cassie Silveri
Cassie Silveri '19

The faculty here really care about your well being, the club is very involved on campus, and my fellow students are like family.  The math department has given me wonderful opportunities from hands-on to personal experiences that will further advance me in my math career.

Misericordia University Mathematics Ambassadors

Do you want to know what it is really like to be a Mathematics Major at Misericordia University?

Talk to one of our Misericordia University Mathematics Ambassadors.  These students will share the up and downs, expectations, and their general experiences with you.  Please reach out to one (or more) of the ambassadors to hear the real story of being a Mathematics Major at Misericordia University.

Carter Johns
Luke Ferrarese
Hailey Moore



Mathematics Department Videos

Mathematics Department News

Dr. Steven Tedford, Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair, wins the Bruckman Prize

Steven Tedford

The Bruckman Prize is named in honor of Paul Bruckman who had a long and distinguished association with Fibonacci numbers. Two prizes are awarded each even-numbered year commencing with 2016 for papers which develop a new approach or expand results in the area of generalized Fibonacci numbers and related areas of mathematics. The program is funded by a grant from George A. Hisert of Berkeley, California.


Student Opportunities

Steven Tedford


For more information regarding the Mathematics program, contact Dr. Steven Tedford, Mathematics Department Chair, at

Meet the Mathematics Department Faculty