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Dr. Jay Stine

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences prepares students for careers as engineers, actuaries, scientists, educators, and technicians, while concurrently striving to inspire our students to love the subject itself. 

The study of Mathematics is a balancing act between application and theory. Mathematicians enjoy pattern seeking, conjecture making, and articulate arguments, and we want our graduates to go into the world motivated by curiosity and armed with the skills that are hallmarks of mathematicians.

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Double Major

Thanks to the high number of electives within the mathematics major, many students double major in another field, most commonly a science, but also disciplines within the humanities.

The Mathematics major combines well with others majors like Statistics or Computer Science.

We are glad that so many students opt to double major, as we believe that this contributes to a well-rounded education that not only prepares students for a variety of careers, but also shapes students into articulate and hospitable citizens.

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Lindsay Kane

Lindsay Kane

I would not be where I am today without Misericordia and our wonderful math department. Our professors gave me the confidence I needed as an incoming freshman that has strengthened my performance in the classroom and overall experience.

Cassie Silveri '19

Cassie Silveri '19

The faculty here really care about your well being, the club is very involved on campus, and my fellow students are like family. The math department has given me wonderful opportunities from hands-on to personal experiences that will further advance me in my math career.

Tara Koskulitz '18

Tara Koskulitz '18

I will be starting a doctorate program in mathematics at Binghamton University this fall, and I attribute a significant portion of my preparedness to my hard-working, caring professors at Misericordia University


Steven Tedford


For more information regarding the Mathematics program, contact Dr. Steven Tedford, Mathematics Department Chair, at stedford@misericordia.edu.

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