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Medical Imaging Department
Lynn Blazaskie

Clinical Coordinator and Assistant Professor
Phone: 570-674-8153

Primary role: Providing instruction in educational services in the clinical portion of the Medical Imaging program, as well as didactic education in Patient Care, Advanced Patient Care, and the laboratory component of Radiographic Procedures.

Gina Capitano

Department Chair and Associate Professor
Phone: 570-674-8067

Primary role: Program administration

Other responsibilities include: Clinical Education, as well as didactic education in Introduction to Medical Imaging, Medical Terminology, Radiographic Image Production with a concentration in Digital Imaging, Radiation Biology & Protection and serving as the Radiation Safety officer (RSO)

Elaine Halesey

Phone: 570-674-6480

Over 38 years' experience teaching in the areas of Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences; Image Production; Intro to Research; Issues in Medical Imaging; and mentoring seniors in their capstone course and clinical internships in advanced imaging modalities.