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You are reading the official blog of Misericordia University. Here you will find insights on all things college and Misericordia University-related from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. From heartfelt memories to moving tips, from reflections on the true value of education to takes on the best pizza in the Back Mountain, the Misericordia University Blog offers readers a chance to get a variety of personal perspectives on a potpourri of subjects from valued members of our own Misericordia community!

This blog serves as a constantly changing forum on the topics important to our community members. If you would like to contribute to this blog, please submit your thoughts, ideas, or postings to dpasquini@misericordia.edu

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Cougar Family

Our first semester of the year is rapidly coming to an end, and then we will be away from campus for almost two months. Departing campus can take a toll on people as many students will be away from their friends and the new lifestyle they just got used to. Going home is great as you finally get to see family again and get to enjoy a home-cooked meal. I am sure I am not alone when saying that home is fun and enjoyable for the first week or two, then after that, you start counting down the days till we return to Dallas, PA. Despite these thoughts, there are many ways to keep in touch with friends until we all come back to campus.

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Student Discounts

Can you relate to the term "Broke College Kid?" Learn about the how Misericordia has partnered up with businesses around the Dallas and Wilkes Barre area to help provide discounts on services that matter to you!

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