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Nick and his friend hanging out in a dorm.

Our first semester of the year is rapidly coming to an end, and then we will be away from campus for almost two months. Departing campus can take a toll on people as many students will be away from their friends and the new lifestyle they just got used to. Going home is great as you finally get to see family again and get to enjoy a home-cooked meal. I am sure I am not alone when saying that home is fun and enjoyable for the first week or two, then after that, you start counting down the days till we return to Dallas, PA. Despite these thoughts, there are many ways to keep in touch with friends until we all come back to campus.

When campus leaves for the holiday break, social media will be an intricate part of keeping everybody close together. Most students have Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook in which are all great platforms to keep up to date with each other’s lives and stay connected. You can even stay connected to Misericordia as well through those applications and would be able to see any new updates or what campus is up to when not here.

Earlier in the semester, I was put into quarantine for possible exposure to the coronavirus. During my time away from campus, I enjoyed it for the first couple of days. I loved hanging out with my family and seeing my dog and everything, but I quickly began begging to go back. I made sure to keep in touch with my friends back at school, frequently texting and calling them. Not to mention how hard it was to do online classes without getting sidetracked or motivated to do work. There is something about campus that makes it easier and makes me want to get more work done. It reminded me why we all should continue to wear a mask and use social distance rules when in public.

We will get through the holiday break together even though we will be away for almost two months. Just think about it, the reunion after the break will be that much more exciting. Take advantage of the time you will have with your family and enjoy the holidays. We will be back before we know it. Remember always to practice social distancing and wear your mask. As always, Roll Cougs!

—Photo Caption—

Archived photo from 2019 of Misericordia University student, Nick Reposa (sophomore business major)