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Get out and enjoy the Fall!

Another week has passed, and the fall season has just begun. Pumpkin spice is a fan favorite for most, while others are enthusiastic about all of the fall activities; most go to haunted houses, Halloween stores, pumpkin patches, and oh yes…..Fall sports! 

For me, the first weekend of October consisted of a fall festivity, the Whistle Pig Farm, Noxen, just 5 minutes from campus. I am a huge fall and Halloween fan myself, which is why I decided to go to this pumpkin patch. 

The Whistle Pig is a family-oriented pumpkin farm with hay forts, sand, and seedboxes for kids to play in. You can take pictures of your friends with available props too. If you feel creative, you can pick a pumpkin and get creative with carving a pumpkin for your dorm room and grab some hay, cornstalks to go with it.


While there are many places to go and things to do in the fall, think about taking the short drive to Noxen with family or friends! 

Want to stay on campus?  With the start of October, the Cougars have been hard at work on the athletic teams.  Visit and check out the schedule for all of the games.  Having been to a couple of games myself, besides our athletes' talent, I have noticed all of the support they give each other on and off the court and field.      
As we have all heard before, "there is no I in team." I have heard it about Misericordia, and now I see it for myself...we are family here, and we support each other through it all! I have seen this first hand at the games I have been to. All athletes celebrate when the team has a great play and scores, but I have also noticed that teammates encourage each player when an error is made.  


Take a break from your studies when you can.  Get out and enjoy the Fall colors in the mountains or catch a game.