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Misericordia University Professor Published in TIEE

Misericordia University Professor Published in TIEE

Misericordia University Professor Published in TIEE

Linda Auker, Ph.D., assistant Biology professor and program director of Environmental Studies at Misericordia University, was published twice in the 19th volume of Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology (TIEE).

Linda Auker, Ph.D.

Linda Auker, Ph.D.

Auker was the sole author of a data set titled, “Applying a Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model in R to assess the effectiveness of a biocontrol for diamondback moths in Kenya.” Additionally, she coauthored the data set title, “Figure Set update: An inquiry-based module aligned with the 4DEE framework for teaching about functional responses and biological control.”

Auker notes that these two articles result from a spring-semester Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) sponsored by the Ecological Society of America (ESA). “In this experience, several ecology faculty from all over the United States met virtually to learn how to write pedagogical materials following the standards of the Four-Dimensional Ecological Education Framework (4DEE),” Auker said.

Because of the FMN, Auker and other faculty who participated could revise one of the former publications in TIEE. “I was fortunate to work with three faculty from Chapman University, SUNY Geneseo, and Florida A&M University on the revision,” Auker said.

TIEE is a peer-reviewed ecology teaching journal also sponsored by the ESA.

ESA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of scientists founded back in 1915. The organization is dedicated to promoting ecological science, raising the public’s awareness, and increasing available resources for ecological science.

Auker has served as a career panelist and resume reviewer at the 2023 ESA Conference, in addition to serving as the chair of the Researchers at Undergraduate Institutions sections of the ESA.

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