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Misericordia University Summer Camps 2022

Misericordia University Summer Camps 2022

Academic summer camps offer high school students an opportunity to explore exciting career fields

Summer Career Camps are back @ MU!

Misericordia University is offering rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to experience and learn more about exciting professions and residential life on a college campus in a series of six Career Exploration Camps in June. The university offers academic camps in biology and chemistry-biochemistry, mass communications and design, literature, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and teacher education. Space is limited in each camp, so registration is necessary.

The Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry departments at Misericordia invite students to explore careers in the biological and chemical sciences from June 26-28. This experience will be a three-day, two evening camp that will be available to students entering their senior year in high school. Students who are interested in learning about careers with a degree in biology or chemistry are strongly encouraged to attend. Students will work together on interdisciplinary projects in the areas of water quality and forensics from both a chemical and biological perspective. Students will also get to work with current faculty and students in the new Frank M. and Dorothea Henry Science CenterThere will be no cost for camp participants. The camp includes overnight accommodations. 

The Mass Communications and Design Department's three-day, two-night camp runs from June 26-28. The camp is designed only for students entering the 12th grade in fall 2022, who are interested in exploring careers in the mass media. Campers will perform every job required to create a television show. They will shoot video and conduct interviews, edit stories, write scripts, work as part of the studio crew, create graphics, and perform on air if they choose. Students will enjoy hands-on learning as they use state-of-the-art professional broadcasting equipment. Current major students will serve as counselors and guides, and department faculty will lead the instruction. Students will create a television magazine show, learn studio and field production techniques, take still photographs, write newspaper feature stories and design a full-color newspaper. Afterward, they will receive copies of their media products as their first entries into their pre-professional media portfolios. There will be no cost for camp participants and will have residential overnight accommodations. 

Literature Camp is a four-day, three-night career exploration experience being held June 26-29, where students and faculty will investigate the theme of "The Roaring 20s!" Students will join the Misericordia English faculty as they explore this exciting literary epoch through literature, popular culture, film, drama, and music. In addition, students will tap into their creative juices as they conduct writing and theatrical workshops. Professional writing exercises will also be on tap. Camp participants will also interact with current English majors who will serve as camp counselors. The camp is designed only for students entering the 12th grade in fall 2022, with no cost to a camp participant with an overnight component. 

Physical Therapy Camp runs from June 26-28 as a three-day, two-night residential camp, and is offered to rising high school seniors with interest in exploring the career of being a physical therapist. Students will have the opportunity to observe Misericordia University’s on-campus clinic, gain hands-on experience in multiple laboratory settings, and gain an understanding of the physical therapy profession. Special focus will be on social determinants of health and their impact on diverse communities. Participants will work with Misericordia’s faculty, staff and students to create a health information project over the three-day camp. There is no cost for camp participants with overnight residency for the camp. 

The Speech-Language Pathology Career Exploration Camp, June 26-29, is for rising seniors. The camp allows students to become familiar with the many career options in the growing field of speech-language pathology. Participants tour the department’s state-of-the-art academic facilities at John J. Passan Hall, learn about the career field from guest lecturers, interact with pediatric clients, and observe live therapy sessions in the Speech-Language and Hearing Center. Speech-language pathologists work in schools, hospitals, nursing care facilities, home health care settings, outpatient care centers, day care centers for children, and institutions of higher education. The cost of this camp is $125.00. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. This is not an overnight camp. Misericordia University will provide transportation while at the camp.

Teacher Education Camp runs from June 26-28 for a three-day, two-night career exploration experience for rising high school seniors for the 2022-2023 school year. They will participate in various sessions that will introduce them to the teaching profession and the Teacher Education Department (TED) faculty. The TED faculty will facilitate interactive sessions that highlight content areas/subjects that early childhood, special education, and middle-level teachers teach and showcase some cutting-edge technology the department uses to prepare pre-service teachers. These hands-on, interactive experiences also focus on student diversity and what it means to be an effective, student-centered teacher in the 21st century. Camp participants will also interact with current TED majors who will serve as camp counselors. There is no cost for camp participants and will have overnight residency.

To register for a specific summer camp, visit the Misericordia website