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Misericordia University’s Autism Center Integrated Studies Program Receives Certification from the Department of Education

Misericordia University’s Autism Center Integrated Studies Program Receives Certification from the Department of Education

The Autism Center at Misericordia University is pleased to announce that the Integrated Studies Program has received a Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary Program (CTP) status from the US Department of Education.

By having CTP status, Integrated studies is a government-approved program, and students can now receive federal financial aid. The program assures that students are part of inclusive

Integrated Studies Students

courses and classrooms at Misericordia University. All students who are enrolled in the Integrated Studies Program are able to take audited entry-level classes with peers. What makes the program unique is that integrated studies students will have an academic coach to attend classes together for academic support, along with a mentor to assist with work outside of the classroom.

“What this means is that it is an inclusive program. Any student that has a primary diagnosis of autism can enroll in the program,” said Janine Starinsky, Director of the Autism Center. “Most students come with an IEP and what that means, ultimately for that population, when they turn 21 years of age, they have limited possibilities and now there is plenty of opportunities at Misericordia University.”

The integrated studies program does not just stop at being inclusive in the classroom, instead, the program offers the full college experience. The students enrolled will attend breakfast and lunch with peers and explore career options at the Autism Center. They will also be given life skills classes and build upon socialization skills, making the integrated studies program a comprehensive and valuable opportunity for those with autism or spectrum disorder.

“Misericordia is taking the challenge and opportunity for those individuals who want that academic experience. They will not get a degree but they will get the experience, which is what the Misericordia mission is all about,” said Starinsky.

The Autism Center continues to work to prepare instructors and faculty in preparation for a student who will be taking a class, under the direction of Janine Starinsky, MHA, Director of the Autism Center. For more information please visit, Autism Center Webpage