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Misericordia University’s Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program Expands with Dedication of Anne’s House in honor of Rob Friedman’s Late Sister

Misericordia University’s Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program Expands with Dedication of Anne’s House in honor of Rob Friedman’s Late Sister

Misericordia University’s Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program (WWC) has expanded with Anne’s House in honor of the late Anne Friedman Glauber, where Rob and Sidney Friedman, Anne’s family, and friends of the university took part in a moving dedication ceremony on September 27, 2022.

Anne’s House is the fourth house in the two-generational program. The addition of Anne’s House will allow the program to expand its capacity from 16 to 20 women who can live on campus with up to three children each while receiving an education. What makes this dedication so special, on the same block, is the Pauly House, dedicated to the late Pauly Friedman, the family's matriarch. The program now has a mother and daughter dedication with Pauly and Anne Friedman.

“We celebrate the two generations of Friedman women – Pauly and her daughter, Anne – and the impact their two houses will have on students for years to come. We can’t thank Sidney and Rob enough for their continued support and making our students’ dreams come true,” stated Katherine Pohlidal, Bourger Program Director. Also in attendance with many state officials was R. Gregory Collins, vice chair of the Board of Trustees at Misericordia University, who expressed, “What we are witnessing today is a prime example of the power of private and public partnerships coming together to provide life-changing opportunities for students and their families. Numerous individuals in our community, alongside government agencies, have made this happen. On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I thank all of our guests here today for your generosity and commitment to the Women with Children program.”

Glauber’s daughter Lili was in attendance among the Friedman Family and spoke about her mother and family, “Our whole family loves this program so much. My grandparents Sidney and Pauly Friedman were and are so dedicated to this initiative, and my Uncle Rob.” She said her whole family is inspired by the vision and life-changing work done within the Women with Children Program. “The Women with Children program is essentially about hope.  And challenging the status quo.  And providing educational opportunities to women who have historically been denied this access, so that single moms do not have to choose between pursuing their professional dreams and caring for their children-- which are all values that resonate deeply with my family.”

Sr. Jean with Amirah Coney

The entire crowd saw the actual impact as current student Amirah Muhammed-Coney was moved to tears as the founder of the program Sr. Jean Messaros RSM ’73, held and comforted her as she spoke on why the program is so important, “having homes and housing supported by the Friedman’s is so pivotal to my success not only as a student mother but as a young woman. Having a home became the most crucial factor in my life journey because I was now able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I could now thank God for having a secure place for my daughter and me. But most importantly, I could now get a glimpse of my life’s purpose beyond the measures of basic necessities.”

Before her courageous battle with pancreatic cancer starting in 2014, Glauber was an award-winning public relations executive in New York City, the daughter of Sidney L. and the late Pauly Friedman of Kingston, and the sister of Rob Friedman, owner of the Friedman Hospitality Group. She was a managing partner of Finn Partners and the director of the Global Issues group, where she focused her efforts on fostering social change and meaningful corporate social responsibility. Glauber was named one of "21 Leaders for the 21st Century" by Women's eNews and was co-founder of NO MORE, the first national branding initiative to call for an end to domestic violence and sexual assault. Glauber joined the board of the Lustgarten Foundation, which funds research toward cures and effective treatments for pancreatic cancer. Inspired to provide others with life-saving information about more effective treatments for the disease, she co-founded Let's Win, an interactive website that to this day continues to offer a platform for sharing new science-driven treatments and patients’ stories to help patients “better manage and improve their quality of life.” Glauber passed away at age 63 in 2017 after an almost three-year battle with pancreatic cancer.

The WWC program was established in 2000 by Sister Jean Messaros, a Sister of Mercy at Misericordia University. It is the only university-based, single-mother residential program in the state of Pennsylvania and among only eight of its kind in the United States. The Program provides free housing, support services, and scholarships for academically qualified single mothers and their children at four homes owned by the University. Since its inception, baccalaureate-degree graduates have established careers in various fields.  

For more information about the Ruth Matthews Bourger Women with Children Program, please visit our website here, or contact Director Katherine Pohlidal at 570-674-6728.