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Student Group Recognizes Front-Line University Staff
J. Leo, catering mgr Metz Culinary Mang; N. Hannon ’25, STAF Interim vp; & M. Karas ’20, STAF pres.

Students Today, Alumni Forever (STAF), a Misericordia University student organization dedicated to philanthropy, hosted an online fundraiser to give thanks to university campus staff who have worked to support students during the pandemic.

The students recognized the importance of front-line workers such as Campus Safety, Housekeeping, Grounds, Food Service, and Facilities.  Money raised from the effort was used to purchase gift baskets and gift cards to show appreciation to those that work tirelessly on-campus, especially during the height of the pandemic. The students utilized Venmo, a popular mobile app, to facilitate the fundraiser.

STAF was founded by 13 students who sought to integrate philanthropic efforts into their educational experiences. They were inspired by the university’s founders, the Sisters of Mercy, to help others. Since its inception in 2015, STAF’s participation has grown to approximately 64 students. STAF, in previous years, would host Sock-Tober in

M. Coolbaugh, MU safety officer; M. Karas ’20, STAF pres.; & N. Hannon ’25, interim vp.

October to collect socks for homeless shelters in our area. STAF has hosted a variety of charitable events in the past including Show Your Love!, Fall-anthropy and Alumni Pie. Details about past and future STAF events can be found at  https://twitter.com/miseristaf.

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Photo 1 from left to right, Joyce Leo, catering manager of Metz Culinary Management; Nicole Hannon ’25, STAF interim vice president; and Morgan Karas ’20, STAF president.

Photo 2 from left to right Michael Coolbaugh, MU safety officer; Morgan Karas ’20, STAF president; and Nicole Hannon ‘25, STAF interim vice president.