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Moving Off-Campus ... Again

The start of a new year always come with some changes. Different classes and schedules are expected by a junior student. As the years go on, it seems my life keeps seeing bigger and bigger changes. In the middle of my spring semester sophomore year, I was approached by a teammate and was offered a room in her apartment that she shared with another former teammate of mine. After thinking about different aspects, both monetary and not, and several reassurances to my mom and grandmother that I would be fine on my own, I gladly accepted her offer to move out of my comfort zone and into a new space.

I moved into an apartment located about 10 minutes away from the school. Before moving, I lived with my grandmother, whose house is also 10 minutes from the school, but in a different direction. When I lived on campus my freshman year, I enjoyed the newfound independence and I quickly learned how to provide for myself. Giving that up to live with my grandparents was hard, but it was the right choice at the time. It was a free living space with laundry and homecooked meals provided, not to mention my grandparents were there. Living on my own is great, don’t get me wrong, but I am definitely missing those homecooked meals after a long night class or a late-night game.

I couldn’t move back home if I wanted to - my mom already rearranged my room!

Moving out has given me the opportunity to grow up more and learn what real adult life is actually like. I have to manage not only my time now, but also my money. I’m not only paying rent and other bills, but I also have to think about things like groceries and toiletries. It may have been cheaper to stay at home, but opposed to living on campus, I am saving money in the long run. Living off-campus in an apartment is a great opportunity for upperclassmen, provided you can find someone to live with. Not only do you get a greater sense of independence and responsibility, you can get your own room if you find the right place. If you feel uncomfortable cooking for yourself, there are still cheaper meal plan options available.

My favorite part about moving into an apartment is that I get to sleep in my own bed and not one provided by the school.

Fortunately, I knew my roommates beforehand. I have been on the field hockey team with them and they are both great people. Knowing who you’re going to be living with is an important step in getting an apartment. Of course, you’ll never really know someone until you live with them, but it’s nice to have a general idea of what you’re going to be getting yourself into. Living with someone you don’t get along with makes for a long school year, take it from me.

Bouncing from house to house over the years has taught me a lot about myself. I went from living in a dorm freshman year to commuting from my grandparent’s home sophomore year. This year, I’m living on my own, which means I won’t be pampered anymore. So far, it has been wonderful living in the apartment and I feel like I’ve made the right choice by moving out. I still get help from my family, believe me, they’ve given me enough food to last for months, but I have more responsibilities that are better preparing me for living on my own after graduation.

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Rachel Miroslaw

Rachel Miroslaw, Class of 2021, is a Speech-Language Pathology major at Misericordia University and plays field hockey for the Cougars. Rachel is from Tunkhannock and enjoys reading and writing.

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