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Anthony Pirouz

I am currently a physician assistant student at Loma Linda University. The academic level and pace of the program is rigorous. While at Misericordia as a biology major, I was fortunate to have a few professors that saw my scholastic aptitude and created a nurturing and supportive environment for me to become a successful student. An education is what you make of it. I used my time at Misericordia to utilize the faculty and resources available to learn, grow, and cultivate critical thinking skills. Those skills and the knowledge imparted to me by a plethora patient professors and faculty potentiate my transition to graduate school.

Erin Evans

Erin Evans, Doctor of Optometry student
I am currently a second year Doctor of Optometry student at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University. The biology program at Misericordia University further developed my science foundation, and prepared me to be able to advance both my education and career. Misericordia University has provided me with a thorough understanding of various biological subjects that has proven to meet the rigorous demands of graduate-level courses. I am a “hands-on" learner, and the laboratory work helped reinforce the lecture material. A Misericordia education has demonstrated to be an excellent foundation and the key to my success in optometry school as well as providing the basis to becoming a well-rounded health care provider.

Caitlin Cromley

I am a December 2012 graduate of the Biology program at Misericordia University. I am now studying to be a Physical Therapist in Misericordia University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. My Misericordia Biology education and background has been instrumental in my transition to graduate level education. I was able to handle the workload and studying with confidence and minimal stress. I felt that I was thoroughly prepared. Majoring in Biology at Misericordia has given me the tools and skills that I will use in higher education and further on in life.

Elizabeth T Jasolosky, DOElizabeth T Jasolosky, Doctor of Osteopathy

UMDNJ-SOM Graduate 2011, Doctor of Osteopathy
Misericordia Graduate 2007, BS in Biology

Currently completing my last year of a Family Medicine Residency at Kent Hospital, Rhode Island and will be an attending physician in an outpatient practice July 2014. I feel privileged to have been educated at Misericordia and have the faculty of Miseri and its foundation to thank for guiding me in accomplishing my goals. I would never change my undergraduate training and continue to take pride in being a Misericordia Alumni!

Angela Burda
Angela Burda, Doctor of Optometry

I am a 2008 graduate of Misericordia University's Biology program. During my time at Misericordia, I was encouraged to achieve in both my academics and extracurricular activities. My professors and advisers taught me how to manage challenging work while still remaining involved in social activities such as residence life and peer tutoring in order to ensure I received a well-rounded educational experience.

Because of the great support I received at Misericordia, I graduated with my Doctorate in Optometry from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in May 2012. I am now an Associate Optometrist for Visionworks of America, Inc. and love what I do for a living. The education and support I received at Misericordia made it happen!

Lindsay Stavish (Smith)
Class of 2009Lindsay Stavish, Physician's Assistant

I am a 2009 Misericordia graduate with a bachelor's in Biology with minors in Chemistry and English. In 2012, I completed my master's degree in Physician Assistant Studies at King's College. I currently reside in Shavertown with my husband and started working as a physician assistant in September 2012 at Dallas Family Practice, Dallas, PA. My Misericordia education was definitely a pivotal puzzle piece to be where I am today. The small class sizes compared to bigger universities were definitely a benefit when dealing with the rigorous biology curriculum. My relationships with the professors also helped to push and challenge me throughout my education and influenced me in my accomplishments thus far.

Megan Yetter, Physician's Assistant in the United States Navy

Megan Yetter

My name is Megan Yetter and I am a Misericordia University Biology graduate of 2009. I am a Physician Assistant in the United States Navy, stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and currently on deployment orders to Afghanistan. The education I received from Misericordia University's Biology Department prepared and provided me a strong foundation to further my education in becoming a competent Physician Assistant. I am privileged to be a Misericordia Biology Alumni.

Krista Koch

Krista Koch, Naval Physician

After completing medical school at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2012, I started my career as a Naval physician in Portsmouth, VA as a Transitional Intern. Following graduation in June 2013, I began Flight Surgery Training in Pensacola, FL studying to fly with pilots; while also learning to be their "DOC." I will spend 3-4 years in the fleet with the ultimate goal of anesthesia residency. My Misericordia education prepared me not only in the classroom, but also in day to day life. Misericordia provided a solid foundation on which I am continuing to build. It also taught me that no matter where you come from, you never know where life may take you.

Jamie Derr

Upon graduation from Misericordia, I landed my first job in the QC Microbiology department at Sanofi Pasteur, a worldwide vaccine manufacturer. Many of the tests I performed were taught in my upper level science courses, especially Dr. DiPino's microbiology and molecular courses. The Miseri science staff is excellent, which I took for granted until I entered the job market and continuing education. I had valuable knowledge from the classroom that could be applied in the pharmaceutical industry where I got my start, and now at my current position as a microbiologist at the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation. The major focus of my job is to test allografts to ensure they are bacteria and fungus free, so that the recipient's health will not be compromised upon transplantation. My career so far has been rewarding, knowing that I had a part in keeping people safe. I plan to continue my education and enter the healthcare field.
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