Admission Requirements

Admission to the undergraduate Teacher Education programs offered by the University is a two-step process. Those interested must be first be admitted to the University and then, when they have successfully completed a set of preliminary courses and experiences offered by the Teacher Education programs, they will be admitted to the Department.

Admission to the University

Persons interested in participating in any of the University's Teacher Education programs must apply for admission to the University. They should submit:

  • An online application (
  • An official copy of their secondary school transcripts.
  • The results of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of the College Entrance Examination Board reflecting a minimum combined (math & critical reading) score of 900 if SAT taken prior to March 5, 2016, or 980 if taken after March 5, 2016. If submitting results from the American College Testing (ACT) Program in lieu of the SAT, the minimum score is 19.
  • A written recommendation from a high school principal, guidance counselor, or teacher.

The University's Admissions Office reviews and approves applicants who have:

  • Participated in rigorous high school curriculum in which they earned grades that placed them in the top half of their graduating high school classes and/or in which they earned a "B" or better average.
  • Demonstrated an interest and commitment to becoming teachers by participating in volunteer, extracurricular and/or independent activities with groups of children or adolescents.
  • Meet a series of Essential Performance Skills typically expected of classroom teachers (see the TED Guidebook). Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities may be arranged by the university's Office of Disability Services.

Students for whom English is a second language must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English as demonstrated by a minimum score of 500 on the TOEFL.

Although personal interviews are not required, prospective applicants are welcome to visit the campus to personally interact with the faculty and students in the Teacher Education Department.

Admission to the University for Transfer Students (External and Internal)

Students interested in transferring from another institution to the University to participate in its Teacher Education Program must also apply for admission. External transfers must submit:

  • An online application (
  • An official copy of their college/university transcripts which demonstrate that they have earned a 3.0 GPA or better.

Students already admitted to the University and enrolled in another of its programs who want to transfer into the University's Teacher Education program must apply directly to the Department. Transfer students' transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis in order to determine if courses are acceptable alternatives to the requirements.

Prospective external and internal transfer students must meet with and be approved by the TED's Transfer Coordinator before enrolling in courses sponsored by the department.

Formal Admission to the Teacher Education Department

To become “candidates" for teacher certification, students must be formally admitted to MU TED.

Toward the end of their sophomore year (or first semester for transfer students), students interested in being formally admitted must apply for admission. They do so by submitting the appropriate documentation. MU TED's faculty review applications. Students must submit:

  • A Curriculum Guide (i.e., an unofficial transcript downloadable from the University's records site) which documents that they:
    1. Completed at least 48 credits (24 credits for transfer students).
    2. Achieved a cumulative MU GPA of 3.0 or above.
    3. Earned a C+ or better in all courses sponsored by MU TED.
    4. Earned satisfactory grades in all freshman and sophomore field experiences.
    5. Earned satisfactory grades for ENG 151-University Writing Seminar, ENG XXX-English Literature Core (American or British Literature), MTH XXX- Mathematics Bank I, and MTH-115 Statistics).
  • A letter in which they explain that they:
    1. Have participated in the university's Education Club.
    2. Have joined at least one major-related professional association (e.g., Council for Exceptional Children, National Association of Educators of Young Children, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of English, National Council of Social Studies, or the National Council of Science Teachers).
  • Evidence of meeting the PDE mandated basic skills competency requirement.
  • Verification of health and Federal and State clearances required for school personnel by school districts.
  • Verification that they have thus far respected the University's and the department's Academic Integrity Policies.
  • Verification that they have established a Professional Portfolio.
  • Verification that they have completed a self-evaluation using the Professional Dispositions Checklist.
  • A faculty recommendation supporting admission.

The department's faculty review applications using its Initial Review Process. Students formally admitted are referred to as "candidates," and may enroll in upper division courses and experiences offered by the department.

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