Parking and Traffic

Parking for Commencement is available on campus. It is recommended that guests arrive early for the best parking.

All vehicles should enter campus through the North Gate Lot Entrance on Lake Street. Traffic control signs will be in place directing guests to the North Gate Lot Entrance. Guests are asked to please avoid entering campus through the main entrance at the Arch on Misericordia Way on Commencement Day.

Campus Safety Officers will be assigned for traffic control throughout campus to provide the most effective and convenient traffic flow and parking assistance for guests to the University. Signage will be in place directing guests to available parking areas. Due to the expected heavy vehicle traffic on Commencement Day, traffic patterns may change after the ceremony to ease traffic congestion. Vehicles leaving campus will be directed to the proper exits. Please follow directions of the Campus Safety officers.

The on-campus shuttle will be available to transport guests. The shuttle will drive a repeating circular route through campus and past the Anderson Center. Requests for the shuttle can be made on Commencement day by calling the Shuttle Request Line at 570-674-6302 or by notifying a Campus Safety officer on campus.

Special parking arrangements can be made by contacting Campus Safety Supervisor John Jorda at 570-674-8324 or by email at Please make your requests at least a week in advance of Commencement to be sure it can be accommodated. Limited handicapped parking is available in the rear of our Anderson Center. Safety Officers will be sensitive to the special needs of handicapped persons and will make every effort to provide for parking and assistance. For more information on handicapped parking, please call 570-674-6238.

Following the undergraduate ceremony at 2 p.m., traffic patterns may change to facilitate all vehicles exiting campus. Please follow directions of the Campus Safety officers.

Please note that the Anderson Center is open for Graduate Commencement at 8:45 a.m. The Anderson Center closes immediately after Graduate Commencement and opens for guests again at 12:45 p.m. for the undergraduate ceremony. No guests or personal items (including jackets or blankets on chairs) can remain in the Anderson Center while the building is closed. Guests are encouraged to register and enjoy lunch on campus during that time.


Immediately following the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony: the area directly in front of the Anderson Center will be cordoned off to permit pedestrian traffic only.

This restriction is an effort to accommodate for graduates and their families as they exit the building to enjoy a photo opportunity, share some time with friends and reflect on experiences at Misericordia University. Please note that this temporary pedestrian-only area will remain in effect for a limited period of time to allow for safe exit of attendees from the building.

  • Local police officers will be in place to direct traffic at the North Gate and at nearby intersections including Center Hill Road. If possible traffic light timing will be manually controlled to manage traffic flow from Center Hill Road. This is still pending.
  • Campus Safety officers will be in radio contact and may alter exit routes as dictated by conditions. Officers will direct traffic at campus exits.


Commencement Day Alternate Methods to Route 309
Exiting the Misericordia University campus from the north gate, right turn onto Lake Street:
  1. From Lake Street, turn right at Country Club Road then turn right onto Irem Road.
  2. Turn right onto Route 309.

Exiting the Misericordia University campus from the north gate, turn left and follow Lake Street to Center Hill Road:

  1. At Center Hill Road, turn left and travel two blocks to the traffic signal. This is the intersection of Route 309 and Center Hill Road. Turn right onto Route 309.
  2. At Center Hill Road, turn right and travel one block to the traffic signal. This is the intersection of Route 415 and Center Hill Road. Turn left and follow Route 415 to Route 309.
  3. At Center Hill Road, continue straight on Lake Street to the traffic signal. This is the intersection of Lake Street and Route 415. Bear left at this signal and follow to Route 309.
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