Event Management

Prescribed Procedures developed in Advance covering all aspects of the conduct and management of the event with designated responsibilities and limits of authority for all officers, members, and volunteers involved should be committed to writing. This is especially critical with regard to handling cash collections and processing them after collection right up until they are deposited in the bank.

Thoroughly Go over the Event Procedures with Everyone Working the Event in advance of the start of the event. Place written copies of the procedures in key locations such as inside cash boxes, at stands, at the door, etc.

Establish One Cash Collection Point for Events that have Multiple Stands. Have patrons buy tickets at a centralized ticket stand to be used at the other stands for the event; no cash is collected at the other stands. This type of set up limits the number of people with access to cash (However, there should still be at least two working the ticket stand.) and by centralizing the handling of cash there is greater assurance that established procedures will be followed without exception.

Use a Cash Register, if affordable.

Strict Inventory Procedures for Tickets must be Employed when tickets are used by patrons for the purchase of food and other items, to buy chances on winning a prize, etc. This includes: a beginning count of tickets in the presence of at two people that is written down and signed off by both; physical safeguarding of the inventory of tickets at all times with only authorized access per established procedures; the recording of all tickets issued with the signing of a receipt by the officer, member or volunteer who accepts them; an ending count of the tickets remaining (ending ticket inventory) in the presence of two people and signed off by both; and a reconciling of the tickets used to the cash collected.

Cash Boxes/Drawers should be Safeguarded at all Times. The beginning cash balance in the drawer should be counted in the presence of the person accepting the drawer and the person handing it over with both signing in agreement to the tally of the count which should be a predetermined amount per the procedures. At the end of the event or at any shift change there should a count of the money taken in and verification that what remains in the drawer is equal to the beginning balance;this should be documented in writing in the presence of two people.

Cash Collected at Events should be Counted and Deposited in the Bank as soon as Possible. Of course, the count should be in the presence of two people and the cash should be safeguarded until deposited; if possible employ the use of bank bags that can be locked, fireproof boxes, or best yet a safe in combination with the bank bags. An actual set of procedures used by a youth athletic league for sporting events can be found near the bottom of the page in the Collecting and Depositing Cash section of this resource.

With Long Events, Count and Deposit Cash at Set Intervals. This is a worthwhile approach for a long single-day event, but is a critical procedure with events that span more than one day.

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