Bank Accounts

All money collected and all payments made should go through a checking account. This provides a separate duplicate set of records maintained by an independent bank for the AVO as a back up to the records kept by the treasurer.

Any decision to open new accounts or investment (interest-bearing savings, certificates of deposit, brokerage/mutual fund accounts, etc.) should be approved by the full board at a board meeting. Part of the approval process should be the specification of responsible officers with regard to access and decision-making power over the new account(s).

Signature cards should be updated immediately whenever signatories change.

The supply of unused checks should be given immediately to the new officer responsible for checks when responsibilities change. The new custodian of checks needs to ensure all unused checks are accounted for.

It is at the time that new officers are chosen and responsibilities change that mistakes and unfortunate discrepancies are more likely to occur so the immediate reconciling of accounts and frequent monitoring of activity during this time is recommended.

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