Treasurer's Report

As noted in the Basics section of this resource, a comprehensive Treasurer's Report presented at every board meeting is essential to maintaining an acceptable level of protection regarding the most vulnerable asset of the AVO, its cash. The Treasurer's Report should be understandable to all, signed by the treasurer, and submitted for inclusion in or attachment to the minutes of the meeting. The report must: start with the ending balance of the previous report; include all the financial activity that transpired since the last report (including a detailed listing of all donations received and checks/payments made); be mathematically correct (This should never be assumed; the report should be double-checked.); end with the balance to be carried forward to the next report; and include a year-to-date comparison of actual receipts and expenses to the budget of receipts and expenses adopted by the AVO. A Sample Template of a Monthly Treasurer's Report that includes all of these important elements can be found here.

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Example Template for Treasurer's Report

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