Other Internal Reports

Minutes of Meetings: The written minutes of meetings should include: action taken on the minutes of the last meeting held; the Treasurer's Report and the action taken on it; results of the most recent bank reconciliation; summaries of committee reports; and all decisions made and actions taken by the board and/or voting members. The officers and recognized visitors present at the meeting should be listed and others in attendance should at the very least be counted (if practical listed) and the number recorded.

The Results of the Most Recent Bank Reconciliation should be presented.

A Report by each Committee should be made.

A Report by each Individual who had Accepted or was Assigned a Specific Task should be made.

A Report-Out on any Event held should be made.

A Report on any Regulatory or Tax Filing submitted for the AVO should be reviewed and, if appropriate, a copy of the filing should be provided to those in attendance.

A Report on the Results of an Audit should be made, if one had been completed recently .

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