Student Research Projects

Undergraduate Nursing Poster Presentations 2016

Poster Day May 5, 2016

Forty Three senior nursing students presented their projects at Nursing Research Poster Day in the Insalaco Hall on May 5, 2016. The students presented their projects on topics such as achieving UN Sustainable Health Goals and Transformational Leadership.

Nursing students on poster day

Nicole Baro, Lane Kocovsky, Chelsea Lahr, Shayna Hunsinger, in front, Mikael Hause , in back, Kelly Sloan, Lindsey Hischak, blue, in front, Olivia Hardy, in back, Paige Makowski, in front, Samantha Harden

Nursing students on poster day

Katherine Strahosky, Yvonne Staller in back, Sarah Young in front, Cara Marzullo, in back, Ashley Silberg, in front, Kaitlin Gower, Rachel Aigler in back, Adrienne Trotto, in front

Part Time Evening Poster Presentations 2015

Part Time Evening Poster Presentations 2015

The Part Time Evening Nursing Program held its Poster Presentations on June 29, 2015 in Passan Hall.

From the left 1st row: Arleen Reynoso, Erin Lavey, Aubre Mayorowski, Jillian Hoffman, Catherine Chung, Courtney Slacktish, Stephanie Harmer, Jessica Gabel

From the Left 2nd Row: Kim Kane, Jessica Hess, Tara Monko, Christina Demellier, Alicia English, Claire Kozick, Deborah Kowalczyk, Jill Laibinis, Ashley Willis, Ericka Woychio, Nicol Williams, Alysha Micklo

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